Rejoining the EU?

Hold up there

Rejoining the EU?
Sinking of the Lusitania

Before Brexit we actually had a pretty good deal

  • Still had our own currency (which is fiat currency and gives us options when the economy is stressed)
  • Got a lot of money back in rebates (which those lies on the bus conveniently forgot - and that figure was Euros, not pounds)
  • Freedom of movement

Now, when countries join, they're expected to sell off their public services and do the whole neoliberal sell your poor to the banks thing. It started as a price fixing club for the French and Germans, and has not changed its nature. Just look at the places that have joined in the past 30 years or so. Just look at the terms of the loan Ukraine got after the 2014 coup.

So, if the UK rejoins, we join the Euro and lose the flexibility the pound gives us, we won't be able to renationalise the public services that have been ruined, and things will not get any better except you can flee to somewhere less broken if freedom of movement comes back and you can afford it.

Don't be naive.

I was against leaving because I knew the tories would use it as an excuse to screw the poor and destroy our rights. The chaos was going to hurt the people least able to deal with it, and I was right. The racism has reached a stupid fever pitch, etm.

Rejoining would actually make things worse without some cast iron guarantees over the points above, which we won't get. If they were happy forcing Ukraine to privatise everything do you think we would have any option? There would be a fire sale of whatever’s left after the destruction of the NHS (which we wouldn’t be able to do anything about) and that would be that.

It's a neoliberal bankers' club, and they will beat us with that club if we rejoin.

I don't know what the answer is, but blindly rejoining would be a silly option.

Of course some people will probably be slightly better off for a while. Only for a while, though.