Green Plenty has moved

Green Plenty has moved

I have moved Green Plenty to a system called ghost.

The main thing that you will see is that the URL has changed to, I have copied all of the subscription emails to the new system and it should just carry on working. I will delete them from Substack to avoid any accidental sending emails twice.

Another thing I have done is move all the posts from the blog I used to promote my speculative fiction writing onto here, so all of the stuff is in the same place. Some of the posts I've copied across are worth reading, in my opinion:

There's also some poetry and bits of fiction mixed up in there.

If you're interested in the speculative fiction, there's Brighter Future Volume 1: The Retreat, Better Way and Zerø Day in one zesty volume. This is a collection of the first three novellas in what was originally a planned six novella adventure.